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Jaden Movold is a young man who has had more medical procedures than most adults experience in a lifetime, yet lives life with an abundance of positivity, generosity, and determination.  Aside from being a 19 year old, Jaden is an ambassador, an athlete, a leader, an advocate, and a fundraiser.  He has a global following and had made friends with Grammy award winning artists, world champion athletes, celebrities, community leaders, and many others with or without disabilities.

Explore the website and learn what this determined young man has achieved already.  And he's not stopping anytime soon! He has a strong passion to make a big difference in the world changing the way people view those with disabilities and challenging all young people to contribute positively to their community.






Wheelchair sports


Justin TImberlake

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 2011

Jaden's Story

Jaden was born in Auckland, New Zealand in May of 2004, and spent his first month at Starship Children's Hospital.  Jaden lives with Spina Bifida and the rare condition called VATER Association.  These diagnoses bring a wide range of medical conditions and already at 19 years of age he has undergone 31 major surgeries.  Hospital visits, procedures, therapy, and countless appointments are just a regular part of Jaden's life, but that hasn't prevented him from pursuing an incredible life well beyond the hospital bed.  He may rely on a wheelchair to get around but he has a competitive and athletic drive that rivals any young athlete who dreams of representing their country on the world stage.  

Jaden has achieved so much in his young years and has the ambition to one day represent New Zealand at the Paralympics in wheelchair track racing.   

Jaden also aspires to be an inspirational speaker and change maker.  Through sharing his story he hopes to inspire all young people to follow their dreams and stand up for what they believe in; and he would love to influence policy makers and organisations to ensure those with disabilities have their voices heard.

Join Jaden on his journey to make the world a better place!







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