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The New Face of Weet-Bix

When I was 7 years old I set myself a challenge of completing a Weet-Bix Kiwi Kids Tryathlon. As one of the only wheelchair participants it was scary being amongst 1000s of other non-disabled kids. I knew it would take me longer to complete and I didn't want to come last. I didn't but that wouldn't have mattered anyway. That's why the event is called a TRY. All kids of different abilities take part, try the best they can and get a medal in the end. Fast forward 4 years, I have now completed 17 with an aim of going to 20 by early 2017. My story had inspired Sanitarium so much so that I was chosen along with 4 other kids to appear on the Weet-Bix cereal boxes! When you set a challenge and give it your best, you just never know what you will achieve.

Check out my interview on NewsHub:

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